White Mulberry Mature Tree



A deciduous tree with large lime green leaves, the White Mulberry grows to between 6 – 8 metres in height and 4 – 5 metres wide. It is important to take this into account when working out a suitable area to plant the tree.

The attractive leaves, which provide a welcome shady canopy in summer, turn orange in autumn before falling. Masses of delicious pink to white fruit ripen during the warmer months which provide a welcome supply of fruit for jams, flans, pies…or eaten straight from the tree!

The Mulberry is fast growing and has low water needs once established. However it is advisable to keep watering once planted and during the warmer months when water may be scarce. Avoid planting where there are high winds however the tree is very cool weather tolerant and can handle temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius.


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