( Rare) Philodendron Florida Ghost



Photo is for illustration purposes only. Actual plant will be supplied in a 130mm Pot. see left of image

Would you like cute little ghosts flying around on a plant pot? The Philodendron Florida Ghost is a rare Aroid. It is a recently introduced hybrid of two other philodendrons. The multi-lobed leaves surprisingly unfurl in glossy white color. At this stage, these juvenile leave look nothing less like a tiny ghost floating on the red stems. The leaves show beautiful shades of yellow and green until they get the mature dark-green shade.

Philodendron Florida Ghost.
This plant is Tissue Culture.
*Although this Florida Ghost isn’t showing the distinct leaves yet. Young plants are generally full green, ghost colouring will develop as they mature. We cannot guarantee the distinct leaves will appear, but the grower/ suppliers are confident they will .

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