Madagascar Jasmine – Stephanotis Floribunda



Native to Madagascar – this species experiences a sub-tropical to tropical climate which consists of hot, humid, rain and a cooler period. Indoors it can be difficult to mimic the conditions this plant thrives in, although the main problem will be it flowering and growing well rather than surviving.

Not to be confused with the jasmine plant – which is another species from a different genus, although it’s flowers are similar and fragrant.

The Jasmine plant is commonly used for bridal bouquets and wreaths. This is because of the small white attractive blooms which match the white wedding look needed, and the stems winding around wire hoops, create a perfect wreath.

Flowering: Waxy white star shaped tubular flowers appear in clusters from a peduncle and cluster of pedicles (a group of small stems each producing a flower attached to one larger stem). These can bloom at any time of the year indoors with enough light, warmth and humidity, although they bloom most often during spring and summer, especially outdoors.


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