Frangipani Pudica “Evergreen



Plumeria Pudica is a beautiful small tree with slender branches and elongated spoon shaped leaves that are not like other frangipanis.
The Pudica is a profuse flowerer and will flower all year round in warmer climates like SE Queensland . It will grow up to 5m but can be kept pruned to a bushy shrub if required. Prune to shape at the start of Spring.
The large clusters of white flowers have a yellow centre and remain on the tree much longer than the common types of Frangipani.
When the tree is very young it may lose some leaves in the winter but once established it is evergreen.
Grow in a warm sunny position with good drainage. They are also well suited to growing in large pots and containers. Mulch and feed with a slow release fertiliser in Spring.


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